Welcome to Kohphayam Sanctuary

A sanctuary is a place of refuge, ideally tranquil and quiet. A place to relax, a place to put things in proper perspective. That's what we have created here on this lovely island in the Andaman sea where turquoise waters lap on its beautiful white sand beaches.

Koh Phayam Sanctuary

Just a short walk (10-15 minutes) under the cashew nut trees to this beach

Koh Phayam is a wonderful island (Koh means "island" in Thai.) that has great beaches , mountains, wildlife, jungle, and beautiful sunsets. If you want to have a relaxing and fun vacation, it is the perfect island to visit!

Amongst the islands in the Andaman Sea are the Koh Phayam Islands, a national marine park in Ranong province. Koh Phayam is the second biggest island after Koh Chang. It’s a natural beauty in the middle of the deep, beautiful sea, and is most famous for its ecotourism. Its splendors range from cool and pleasant pine forests, to wide, white beaches, to clear water, to a colourful underwater world. In the middle of the island is a mountainous forest area filled with various plants and animals. Other parts have been converted into coconut orchards, rubber tree plantations and, the most delicious, cashew nut orchards.

The best activities on Koh Phayam are travelling through the forests, both the dry land ones and the mangrove forests. The coast has a perfect, extraordinary forest which is very varied in ecology. You can take exceptional photographs, watch for over fifty-two types of birds, go boat sailing, snorkel to observe the corals, and go camping in the forest or on the beach.

This gorgeous little island is truly the undiscovered pearl of the Andaman Sea with long white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, coral reefs, it's the perfect place to really get away from it all. The two main bays are Aow Yai , the sunset bay, and Aow Khao Kwai - ( Buffalo bay ).Both bays have long curving white sandy beaches. If you get bored of the beach life then there's always the inland experience. Ko Phayam island has lots of good mini hikes into the hills, forests and jungle. Cycling is also popular.


Your bit of paradise

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