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This is truly a paradise! Life is a short trip so take it!

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+66(0)95-256-0411 in German (Outside Thailand)

Do please phone if you have questions you want answered quickly, contact by email can sometimes be slow. Our internet goes down in bad weather.

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About me

Chiyoko, a Japanese woman living on Koh Phayam (Phayam Island), located on the west coast of Thailand, north of Phuket in Ranong province facing the Andaman sea. I've been living on this island for over 20 years and have really enjoyed it. I started off small by building my dream house, a home really with multiple balconies, surrounded by a rainbow array of hibiscus and various fruit trees that draw the birds that wake us in the mornings. I liked it so much I decided to expand it and now have an organic cashew nut plantation, and a rubber plantation and my own line of home spa products. Since many of my friends visited and also fell in love with* Koh Payam* (Koh Phayam), they asked where the best places to stay are on the island. At first this was easy to answer, because there were only a couple sets of bungalows on the 3-kilometer beach that is a ten-minute walk from my home. But as often happens in Thailand, a lost paradise quickly becomes a paradise found. And so it is with Koh Phayam. The beach is still lovely but there are more bungalows and more bars. It's great place to visit during the day to frolic in the gentle ( but sometimes surfable!) waves but in the evenings it can get a little noisy if your bungalow is too near a beach bar. That's why I decided to build a couple of homes for rent.