Staying at the Koh Phayam Sanctuary

Fully Furnished Home Rentals (Minimum Stay 2 weeks)

Our home rentals really exemplify the idea of sanctuary. Located amidst mango, sator, rubber and various jungle trees they are quiet yet fully equipped. From day one you're cooking in the fully stocked kitchen, everything you need to prepare the foods you buy at a vastly discounted cost compared to eating at bungalow restaurants and paying tourist prices. Enjoy the morning bird calls while sipping your brand of coffee the way you like it. Fancy a spot of gardening? Both of the homes available in the sanctuary have beautiful gardens, l know this because we did it ourselves. Previous friends have added their own unique touch to the garden and you are more than welcome to partake in this most relaxing activity.

In addition to the fully equipped kitchen, these homes also feature a second floor bedroom with a king-size bed with mosquito net. The second floor balcony overlooks the front garden on both houses.The second floor also provides the ceiling for the shady open area which has been expanded on both sides to create vast areas of shade to relax in during the heat of the day. This open-on-three-sides space is ideal for relaxing in the lazy afternoons. The soothing tropical breezes implore you to string a hammock and enjoy the slow paced lifestyle that includes naps and that novel you been meaning to read. Of course the homes have indoor plumbing with a shower and toilet with running water (and no you don't have to run for it yourself. Electricity is provided in the evenings and sometimes during the day.

Come out and see us and enjoy the living on a little piece of paradise.



Private Mountain Yoga Space (Sanctuary Guests Only!)

Prices (All houses are fully furnished!)

These are the prices for the rental homes.
Rent per month:

Small Houses Sato and Mango, sleeping 2:
12000 Thai Baht

Shorter stays of 2-4 weeks cost B500/day.


Additional charges

Propane (one full tank): 600 Thai Baht

Water per Unit (one unit = 1000 liters): 200 Thai Baht

Electricity per Unit: 100 Thai Baht.

Security Deposit: 12,000 Thai Baht, for 2 weeks, the deposit would be 6000 Thai Baht.

(This deposit will be returned to you if there is no damage to the house.)

If desired we can supply filtered drinking water 20 liter bottle: 50 Thai Baht

It may be hard to understand these prices but based on previous tenants the final price comes to around 13,000 - 14,000 Thai Baht per month.

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