Koh Phayam Temple

Koh Phayam Temple


Koh Phayam is not only interesting for its natural beauty, but also for the local people’s way of life and religion. For religious ceremonies, Koh Phayam has a temple called Koh Phayam Temple, which was built in a different style from most other temples. The main temple is on the coastline, but its prayer sanctuary is located in the middle of the sea, connected by a bridge. This particular kind of sanctuary is called udakukkhepa sima, or “sanctuary in the middle of the sea.” This follows the Buddha’s decree that monks should specify temple boundaries, placing sima markers called nimitta (a marker for a consecrated boundary) for Buddhist sacred ceremonies or recitations. Buddhist nimitta can be one of eight markers: mountains, a rock, a forest, a tree, a path, a termite's nest, a river, or others waters such as a sea or pond. In Thailand, most of the temples prefer to use rocks sculpted into spheres as nimittas These spheres are called “luuk nimit” (sacred marker sphere). However, this udakukkhepa sima is a very rare sight in Thailand.

Koh Phayam temple was built around ten years ago to gather the people together. The temple is very large and can be seen from a long distance when you came to Mae Mai Bay, the center of transportation and commerce for Koh Phayam. At the top, enshrined with a big walking Buddha image, the temple is rounded, shaped like a mixture of Thai and Burmese architecture, and inside is placed the principal Buddha image for worshipping. The atmosphere is very calming and peaceful, suitable for taking a rest.

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